Looking for a main programmer to script an immersive type Dinosaur tycoon. [40% Offered.]


About Us

Pleasant greetings to you reading this. We are a small development studio with aims to reach extremely big heights one day. The team consists of myself (Prav) and the co-owner Meagan.
Our intentions for this game and future of the studio is to reach business status in which we both have the push and motive to continuously go at it until it happens. We are very communicative and extremely friendly once approached properly ofcourse.

Little back story that is important.
We began working on this game after our first game’s release. An obby. The obby was made to test the waters and see if this would be a viable business option, whilst testing other things we need info on.
The results all showed reasoning to go into this fully, in which we did. The obby currently holds around 40-80 players daily without any ads. It makes robux as well in which we’re using to fund this project.

The downside/hardship
The one truly hard thing in my opinion that has de-motivated and depressed me quite a couple times since going into this venture has been finding the right team-mates. I’m 23 years of age and this is a business venture for me. We’ve cycled through so many people that had great promises in the start, however they all seemed to burn out and leave… ending with a lot of time wasted and us having to re-start multiple times. It really truly has been a roller coaster.

However, less of this. This can be discussed when you do message.

About The Job

Also --side note. Most of the game is done. Building is done, and mostly everything else. So that should be a plus to you.

We are looking for someone who can not just do what we want but be equally motivated/invested into this project as us. As I’ve stated above, I have around R$ 300k for advertising and it’s only growing.
The game’s concepts are really amazing.
When you contact us, you’d be given the choice to get payment or… Get a percentage. I know you’re thinking… Who in the right mind wants to give out percentage that bad? Well. I do. Like I said, this is a business venture… We are looking for someone who has great communication skills and can FULLY dedicate to this project. So percentage would normally mean you’d be invested into this and need it to do great as well.

What will you have to script? Well… It’s a lot.

Being that we don’t have someone to do UI work, you’d also need to make basic UIs, not GFX or anything, you can use regular buttons and just change the colors/look of it for now, we already have a look on how to do it.

Whilst working on this we’d need you to consider lag, making your scripts and work neat and lag free (no infinite loops etc) As well as the game is also intended for mobile users so it must be mobile friendly and extremely compatible with such. You won’t be alone, we are always around to communicate with you and would love to be there whilst you work on it.

-Animated dinosaurs - Walk around, eat, sit, roar, idle. Randomly. Eat is triggered when feeding event happens. (We already have an animator/rigger, so you don’t need to make, just use IDs)

-Feed event, basically when someone triggers the feed event, a helicopter brings over food to that enclosure, the dinos path find to the food, eat and it it added to the dino’s feed count to growth.

-Growth system that works with feeding, so basically every dinosaur would take a certain amount of feedings to grow.

-Main PC on enclosures. Basically every enclosure will have a main PC that controls stuff in that enclosure. – Feeding, lights, door, info on dino, buy dinos, mutation stats, random stats. Etc. ((everything will be explained more in depth privately.

-Mutations, basically in order to make the players feel somehow unique and not like everyone has the same park, there will be possibilities of mutations in Dinos based off stages in their life, example – Dino growing from Juvenile to Adult can grow a mutation. ((So When you’re scripting it won’t just be to increase the model size, instead an entirely new model would spawn it as the old one gets deleted.))

-Some vehicles need to be scripted too. (Minor stuff.)

-Shop UI

-Actual Tycoon system… Buttons, cash, droppers/ways of getting the income.


-NPCS that walk around the island to give it a lively feel.

All of this is just a basic explanation and we have examples and better explanations ready for you once you get in contact with us.


For this project we have offered robux and USD before, however we’re more interested in offering a %, being 40%. We already have around 300k Robux for advertising and the game in our opinion and the opinion of a lot of my players of another game is pretty great of an idea.

The reason for offering percentage is in short. We want people who are invested in this game, if you know you’re getting revenue from profits you’d make the game better. We’re trying to build business partnerships.


You can contact me via discord Prav#0001 – Do note, due to my previous game. I have quite a few friend requests on discord and it is a bit challenging knowing who is… who.
If you do contact me and you’re in a mutual discord server like Ro-Devs or Hidden Devs, you can DM me directly. If not, you should message me here on dev forums stating you’ve contacted me on discord and include your discord name.

Or… You can message the Co-Owner. Meags#5446
She’ll direct you to me and we can get started on the interview process.


  • No commitment issues. (We have had our time wasted many times… If you have commitment issues where you’d burn out and quit half way done, PLEASE don’t contact us… Thanks.)
  • Must be motivated and committed to the game, as well as suggest ideas of your own to change it or make it somewhat better. ((Be creative, show interest))
  • Must be 15 or older.
  • You’d be the only person working on those things,
  • Regular availability. As well as constant communications daily on progress.
  • Must have a portfolio or atleast some work to show.
  • I’ve mentioned it before but… This must be your full focus and dedication. We’ve tried allowing others to be on multiple projects but it just does not work out. Sorry.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for you to message us.


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