Looking for a new Developer team for a Old Project [Budget: 500-750 USD]


Greetings, my name is Saber and I have been developing on roblox for about almost 3 years now on and off. I am a builder and a few months ago I stopped working on a game I was developing with some people. My old dev team consisting of two scripters and a modeler left however my animator and I the builder, stayed and sort of left the project to be forgotten. I recently saw it and was thinking about starting it back up as the idea of the game is unique and I am yet to see none or very few games similar to it. DM me for a detailed explanation of the game.

Developement Positions
@SaberDoesGaming - Builder
[2] - Scripter positions available, one lead and one secondary.
GUIs have ALL been designed for the game, just yet to be programmed.
3D Modeler - I am not looking for a modeler at the moment as I already have one in my contacts but if one responds to this message I might be open.
Animator is @Moonlo99
GFX/Advertisements - Yet to be done but I am in a server with hundreds of GFX artists so that isn’t an issue.

The game that was being developed in the past, and that I am looking to wanting to revive is linked here. There might be some issues with scripts and the city is not finished yet as the project was put at a halt when half the dev team left. Exodus Capital | DarkRP - Roblox

Information on scripting position

For the lead scripter, there is about a little less than 50% of the game to be scripted. Our previous lead scripter did many of the difficult jobs, such as a custom combat system with guns and he also scripted some of the difficult GUIs. The secondary scripter will be given occasional smaller tasks not too often and the lead scripter will be given things weekly with thorough instructions.

Assets that need to be made by the lead scripter

  • Apartment and Shop system where players can buy a place and build in it with a custom building system.
  • Anti Exploit system
  • Implement a pre-made car chassis into multiple car models and make sure it functions well.
  • Script the other half of GUIs that were not completed by the previous Lead Dev, I can explain those in DMs
  • Script some gamepasses, mostly teams that spawn with special GUIs or premade weapons.
  • Other things I can do into more detail in, again our previous Lead Dev did many things however he left things partially done I just need an experienced scripter who will finish what he left off so I can potentially release this game.

If you join the new dev team, you will be assigned with assets to create weekly. I will check in daily or often to see how progress is going with whatever assignment you may have. I’ll dm you to ask how it is so far, and when you are done with the assignment I will pay you and then you give me the asset in Team Create into the main game. We repeat this till the game is complete, simple right?


Paying in PayPal, USD, Robux may be available but we are mostly saving Robux for advertisements.


Send me a DM on discord, at SaberDoesGaming#1000

I look forward to making a unique game like no other on roblox with whoever reads this message.

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