Looking for a new Rank Bot web hosting software/site

Hello, I’m looking for a free Node.Js web hosting software that doesn’t share my projects to the public if anyone knows of one please respond! :slight_smile:

Depends on what you classify as “free”. Nothing is free in life, even if it does not cost money some free hosting sites make you stay on a page which uses time and electricity so no cuz there is nothing free.

Also I highly do not recommend using any of these free hosting sites because they are often very sus and quite often have terrible security. Just purchase/rent out a server on a site like digital ocean or something (you can buy a very small shared server for only 4 USD per mouth) or if you rather not deal with a server then just use a site like pebble stone hosting which is quite a cheap one.

I will try out digital ocean and see how it goes, thanks!

No problem. If you want, if you have never used digital ocean before I think I can send you a referral link that gives you some credits that you can use on the site before they expire (so you can test it out before buying a server). I know that had somthing like that when I started using them.

If you want it just send me a message (I rather not send it here cuz of people claiming it’s against the rules).

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That would be helpful so I could test before purchasing.