Looking for a Particle/Mesh Maker

Looking for a particle mesh maker that is good with making superpower abilities

Example: https://gyazo.com/2f2b28d3e1b43d107024127411853eb7

Payment: USD via PayPal, negotiable on how much powers you can make


I believe this is a joint task rather than it being fixated on a single skillset. where it would require the following skillsets: Programming,animation, 3D modeling (unless you can substitute it with open sourced work), and graphic design (unless you can substitute it with open sourced work)

Reasoning as to why I believe Programming is a necessity for this task is since everything has to be in sync, animation is optional depending on how complex or simplistic the movement cycle has to be designed.

This explanation is based on assuming the visual provided above isn’t your property and instead an representation of what your expectations with the client will be.


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