Looking for a plugin that disappeared

Awhile back I used a plugin that could generate trees grass and bushes with lots of customization, I used it about 3 months ago on a different PC and as I go to install it on my new PC I cant find it anywhere, does anybody know the plugin or one similar that doesn’t generate only trees? Because it seems to have disappeared since the new plugin shopping system was added.

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Disappearing plugins happen to me sometimes and usually, they are just mixed in with the others or they don’t have any buttons.
I would turn off the plugin and check if the plugin bar is affected if not then there just is no button.

I have tried those things but I don’t believe I ever had this plugin installed on my current device

I am just unable to locate this once popular plugin

Well go to your inventory and find it if you had it before.

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Silly me! I forgot about plugin inventory. Thanks friend!

What is it called? I might need it.

Landscape plugin by ChuckXZ it’s quite a good plugin