Looking for a scripter and ui artist for a (BREAKOUT GAME)

About Us

Hi there! Im Devixlite. I’m looking for professional scripters and UI artists who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game. Our game will take about 4-5 months to be able to release. (If we are lucky it may take less time.)

The Team
@username - Scripter
@username - UI

About The Job

The game will be a breakout game. You have two options you can be a cop or a prisoner and if your a prisoner you have to escape from prison and start robbery’s and if your a cop you stop the prisoners from escaping prison and making sure criminals dont star robbery’s. You can also buy all kinds of vehicles. (I have unique ideas but Id rather not spill those here.) Games like jailbreak and mad city are fun at first but they soon get boring because your robbing the same city and the same robberys over and over agian. So I thought about having more cities on different worlds with different things to do and different robberys to rob. Having quests you can do for rare parts of a car or skins, etc. We are looking for a professional scripter and UI artist to join our team as a developer. I expect you as a developer to get along with everybody within the dev team. I also encourage good communication skills because I will be talking with the devs alot.

For the scripter you will need to be able to script the following:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • For the vehicles I would like to possibly have a good smooth driving system similar to jailbreaks because I like how they are very smooth to drive around. (Thats my opinion of them at least)
  • A way to pick up items and steal them from a store, etc
  • You will also need to be capable of scripting guns, zooming in on the screen, a good combat system such as jailbreak or mad city because I personally like there combat systems. (Some of the guns will be Automatics, shotguns, snipers, pistols, etc.)

For the UI artist you will need to be able to make the following:

  • A money ui with a dollar on it.
  • The ui for cars such as speedometer, drifting symbol, etc
  • Possibly a map of the map.
  • The main thing that will need to be done is all the UI it self such as a dev products button, Twitter codes button, etc. (They all have menus of course)


I’m willing to pay at a budget of 500$ but if it needs more Id be willing to pay more.
For scripters they will get around 400$+
UI my budget is around 100$+

Contact Us

You can contact me here at:
Discord: Devixlite#9231 (I’m open to messages so you dont need to add me to message me.)
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
(If you have any further questions please dont be afraid to ask)


You keep saying break out game, break out game. But I haven’t even the slightest idea what this game is about. Can you give us at least a singular sentence on what it is?

I know most developers/directors don’t like spilling their ideas for fear of stealers, but at least sharing what the summary of the idea is is the least they can do if they want to attract developers.


I don’t know if this was obvious enough but he wants a game like Jailbreak.


How much will be paid upfront?

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Weird context, I know, but I think he means like it’s an actual break out game. Like break out of a prison.


I have nothing against remaking games but I hope you have some unique ideas or this is just a clone of other break out games…


A simple sentence describing the game? Ok, you have 2 teams to pick cops and prisoner, you escape prison and you can rob certain places just like in jailbreak.(You can also buy cars and other vehicles) I have some unique ideas but id rather not spill them here.

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This sounds a lot like a game I know… I understand not wanting to spill any unique ideas but it would be in your best interest to at least tell a few to show people that you aren’t just making an exact copy of games that already exist.

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Yes, I updated the About The Job section please take a look.

Thank you for sharing a few ideas of how this is unique… I hope you have a lot more ideas and I wish you the best for your project!

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No problem, If you have any other questions please ask.

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Thank you for the support! :smiley:

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If you have any further questions please ask! :+1:

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Some of what you’re asking for doesn’t require professional programming. For example, cars don’t need to be programmed to work. If you want a car, you just need a vehicle seat, a part for the base of the car, some wheels, and a specific kind of constraint. I ** think ** I meet all of the requirements for what you’re asking (both programming and UI), and if you’d like, I could help you for free. Creating games is somethin I do for fun, I don’t think I’m ready to be paid for it.

Well for the car its obvious, but im trying to get car mechanics as good as “Jailbreaks” car mechanics. Do you have a discord?

No, and I’m not sure I’d like to sign up for it. I use to, but because of things I don’t like about it I deleted it. I dont play jailbreak very much but I have created my own vehicle physics before. I’ll go and play it right now.

As a replacement for discord you can message me here on the forum or on Roblox. I have a lot of time and I’m getting bored of making games for myself and my own popularity, and this game seems about my level.

I have a friend who said he was willing to script the game. His name is @Desig_ner.

I’m the last person who wants to script for this game… Thanks for the suggestion though? Ig?


He wants a custom car system, not the standard vehicle seat.

I know, we had a private chat about that.