Looking For a Scripter For a FPS Game

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About Us

Hi we a Dawson Awesome Productions and we are a Roblox Group that plans on starting to make Roblox games.

About The Job

We plan on making a FPS game that will have a mix of normal and wacky unrealistic weapons. We are going to have Free-For-All Game Mode where within a certain amount of time you have to get more kills than anyone else in the game, and guns will switch for everyone every so often. We want to have that game mode done scripting, and have two maps done before we release in beta. Then in the future we will add more modes like gun game and many more as well as new maps. (And yes we will be paying for adds to bring attraction to our game)


We Need We currently have one two modelers on the team as well as me.

We are looking for one or two scripters if necessary. One for the in game item shop and one for the game.

We are also looking for a team leader that understands both scripting and modeling and can help our developers.


We are going to be paying by, when the game makes some revenue then it will be split between the devs that worked on that part of the project. So it would work as when the group makes revenue 25% of it will go to group funds and the rest will go to the devs, and I plan on almost never receiving any revenue that comes out of the game because I just care about making a fun game for the people of Roblox can play not the money. However their will be revenue paid out to the devs if the games doesn’t make enough money, that will be discussed before we begin the project.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord DawsonAwesome#4085 and we can talk from there. (I will contact you within a few hours)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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