Looking for a Scripter, ideally forming a partnership to create nice games

About Me

Hello, I’m a builder on ROBLOX, I have a little bit of scripting experience, I’m a Boy Scout, I am honest and I’m looking for a scripting partner who knows how to script things like C frame, numbers, remote events, able to script guis.

Game Idea/ Studio

Well, I’m interested in making a cargo ship tycoon, I’ve kind of started but it’s in very works as I’ve been looking for a skilled Programmer, to where we could make successful games on ROBLOX. (Fully functional) image

image Tableboard Studios - Roblox

Past builds: image

(Very old)
Built most of this ship, (Disney Fantasy replica) If I could go back I’d overhaul the bow. Few people made me a couple of models i.e. Plants, Atrium Chandelier. This did take three months as I was doing it by my self, and the people who said they’d help and never did :upside_down_face:
Wouldn’t mind trying other game ideas, to.


I committed to working on these games Week days: 4:30 pm CST to 9 pm CST and on the weekends. It varies.


Well, ideally we’ll make a game, turn up money through dev exchange, and than we’ll split it evenly. like i.e. if we make 100,000 robux you’ll get 200 and I’ll get 150.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: iiInspiredByDisney#1849
Thanks for reading, I hope we can start a studio together, and build a long term partnership! :slight_smile:


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