Looking for a scripter or anybody that could help me with this problem

I do not know if this is in the correct category, but my problem is that I am making models like this;

And I am trying to figure out how I can make it wearable, along with the actual model placed on top of the frenemy, I am also doing this for other hats that include,

The green part is the example of how I want it to look.

It is really hard to explain and stuff, but I am assuming you need to use HatAttachment and Weld,

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I’m not really good at explaining stuff and I’m working with someone else who is having this problem.

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I will apologise in advance if I am not competent enough for this matter but here is what I would do. I would make every model made by parts into meshes and take an existing accessory and replace the handle. Obviously name the part to “Handle”. Keep in mind that the hat attachment will always be center on top of the head, so position the hat attachment accordingly.

You wouldn’t be required to use a weld if you are using this method.

And when changing position of the attachment, remember to not touch “WorldPosition” and instead use the provided local position “Position”

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Okay, I’ll see if this works, thanks for replying!

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There’s a method on the Humanoid which allows you to easily add accessories to the characters, which is Humanoid:AddAccessory(accessory), where accessory is the Accessory object.

Remember that all you need is an attachment that corresponds to one of the attachments on the character or else it will fail to attach.