Looking for a scripter to collab with in a World RPG game

Howdy friend! I’m looking for a Lua Roblox Studio Scripter that could do advanced stuff like data stores or anything that’s in a rpg game.

About the project : This project is a world traveling RPG game. It’s opened world and it has about nearly 12 worlds in each stories and each story has lores. (contact me for more information about gameplay)

About me : I’m a low poly builder, terrain builder, and a decent 3D modeler. I’m a fun guy to work with, I’m not those people that are serious all the time and you can never escape my jokes.

Payment : This is a collaboration so I’d be paying percents when the game is in beta or full release stage. You’ll most likely to get 30% but the final confirmation depends on when the game releases.

Contact me! : Discord : Icy#9608

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