Looking for a scripter to collab with in a World RPG game

About Me

Hello there!, my name is Icy and I’m looking for an Advanced LUA Roblox Studio Scripter. Right now I’m looking for a person to collab in a MMORPG project. This project could be very long so prepare yourself if you want to join! Contact me for more info about the project or you just have questions.

The Team
@Icy732 (me) - Builder, Director, World Designer

About The Job

This is a long term project. You’ll need to be pretty advanced with data stores (data saving), inventory system, leveling system, and everything that in a RPG game.


  • Have 2 years+ experience of Scripting
  • Speaks English


Since it’s a collaboration, I’ll be paying you percentage when the game releases. (in beta or full release)

Contact Us

Discord : Icy#9608

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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