Looking for a scripter to fix 2 bugs [CLOSED]

Hello, I own a community and a game which got quite decently active and well known and the game is close to being finished and the only thing stopping it from being is the presence of bugs in the game.

The game has customization of your appearance, classes which give you weapons upon your choice, cosmetic and “skin” gamepasses and a game based on capture flag systems.

Looking for a scripter who could finish the bugs stated below:

Disappearing classes names and instead showing default text labels.
What is it supposed to look like (it fixes it automatically after respawn)

And the other bug I have is that some of the customization gear, hats, uniforms is not letting the player equip it, however others are, our development team has checked several times what could cause those bugs but we never really found out a solution to it, nor identified whats causing it.

The pay is 10k robux if both are fixed, if you only fix one of them, half of the price, which is 5k.

Contact methods:
Discord: Dexthius#7154

Note: I have a lot of friend requests, I would recommend you joining my game’s server and contact me to be easier.

Hi! I could give it a shot. I joined the discord server. My name is: thomas757#9857

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I could ask for 10k but all you would have to do is just add a waitforchild() when getting the name. A waste of robux


Just for newcomers. This post is now LOCKED

I DMed you last night…no response. Well then,

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