Looking for a scripter to work with

I’m a scripter myself, but school has made me really busy without much free time. If anyone is looking for a collab, please reply. I can give more info if you add me on discord: Λcreol#5947

If you want best results, you should have an idea of what you want to accomplish.


Idk I wouldn’t want to give the game idea away cuz someone else might take it

Then you won’t get many people interested.

This is a closed community, we won’t share anything.

Ok but I have multiple ideas too so I’d share them all with the person if he/she is interested

I mean, I don’t think anyone here would really steal your idea.

And if someone did, you could use what they did and make yours even better.

Hi all,

There has been a trend of posting collaboration requests with as little information as possible. Please do not intentionally withhold information from your Collaboration requests. Any prospective partners will need to know the scope of the project, the theme to decide if they think it will be successful enough to work on, and other details about the project. Intentionally neglecting to post these is nonconstructive and devaluates your topic to spam.

No one is going to steal your project, and by intentionally making communication more difficult you’re just making it more difficult for your project to succeed. The Collaboration category is meant to be a professional and valuable avenue of communication. You will be held to this standard when posting topics.


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