Looking for a Scripter

Hey Developer Forum, I’m looking for a developer to help work on a game with me! DM me on RBX dev forums if you’re interested.

For future reference, this forum is mostly for development issues than anything else, I’m fairly sure there is a specific category for “employment”, so to speak, but :man_shrugging:
Also, generally, with employment requests, it’s better to layout what you want/need to be done and any information about the project etc within the request. I find often that people are more inclined to help out if all of the information is right in front of them, rather than having to go out of their way to find it all out through DM.


I dont believe New Members can post these type of requests on the devforum until they are a Member.


That means the staff don’t want new members making these posts at all.

There is a #development-discussion:collaboration section for these kinds of posts. yes I am aware he’s a new member In this scenario, the unofficial Discord for New Members may be a better place to look for a team.


Please read this post here to learn more about how the Development Support Forum is used.

As a “New Member”, you have access to Building Support, Scripting Support, and Design Support. These are supposed to be threads where you ask questions about how to achieve something (for the most part in studio, revolving building, scripting, or gui work.) Please refrain from using the Development Support Forum areas for anything outside of these parameters. When you achieve Member Status, you’ll be able to co-ordinate for a team in the DevSupport Collaboration section.

Also, please remember to read the DevForum Official Rules here.

Also, a common error that new users make is using the DevSupport Area for bug reporting. If you stumble upon a Bug that needs reporting, refrain from posting about it in DevSupport. Instead, enlist the help of the Top Contributors on the forum, and thus follow rule 15.1.

Above all else, Welcome to the DevForum!