Looking for a scripter

Hi, This is ANIBELYT. Im working with @0_0BaconhairHack We are looking for a professional scripter. The concept of the game is a survival game. Details with The Developer#3268. Im working on a game too wich concept is adventure and minigames. this is my discord Mafia_Developer#7193 I pay monthly depending of your effort. We both need professional scripters that can be available most of the time.

MY CREW: @0_0BaconhairHack, @Blueann123 and @Kick_OofxD. Discord
@0_0BaconhairHack ’ s crew: @Lluco_Developer @LeshugaMX @Al3xgames

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You should go into more depth about your game when recruiting someone. If you just give a vague explanation of the game people will be far less likely to join, especially when you have no estimates of the amount of payment you’re giving.

Yeah, “effort” is uncomfortably vague, especially for programmers who usually work with math and variables all day.
I’d suggest Either have a percentage, or a set amount for each asset/script so the programmer knows what they’re getting into.


mind providing an estimate monthly pay?

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