Looking for a scripter (%)

Hello developers,

I am the owner of a group called “The Lighthouse Theatre”. We are a upcoming theatre RP group. We are looking for a scripter who knows what they are doing very much. There will be some quite hard things to do so we expect you to know what you are doing. The scripter will be expected to spend 1-2 hours each day scripting so we can get the Theatre out by Christmas. This will be a % job but we believe this will do well as we will add in rank donations were they can get a rank. I am also a JS scripter so I am createing a Discord bot.

If you want to apply please DM me on Discord (LifeDigger#1111). Make sure you have a portfolio ready.

Edit: I know it says I am a Programmer because I am learning Lula right now and I know how to script in JS.

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