Looking for a scripter

About Me

Hello there fellow roblox develoepers! I am currently working on a MUTANT Game.


this game has three teams

  • Citizen
  • Police Force

one of the mutants are a blue color, that one gets picked randomly. it is the strongest, has 300 health, and
both the police and mutants can buy better weapons or powers,(source of income)
there will be special perks,
a V.I.P pass will give a special nametag when u chat, and u get more XP.
the mutant abilities, they will have (fly/Jump time), Poisoning, and a deadly bite.
and its all in first person
the mutants are fast too


Here are some screenshots of my work


Scriper - 50%

the scripter should know how to script GUI’s, Cameras, First person stuff, and Guns.


You can contact me on discord: Dev_Polke#2120

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: