Looking for a scripter!

About Us
Hi there! i recently thought of a great idea really fantastic simulator idea and i am looking for a scripter to do a collab with me unless we are getting a UI person.

**The Team
@Me - scripter/modeler
@You - Main Scripter/co owner preharps
@optional - UI

You can see our progress so far here: Developer Legends - Roblox

About The Job
I want someone/scripter to do a collab sort of thing with me you will be scripting things like backpacks,shops and some other stufff aswell so as codes etc etc i do scripting so it would not be so much pressure

i don’t have example of game style what so ever you just need to be decent at what you do

If we work hard and we do alot of stuff in a week or 2 weeks we should be done quickly in literally no time

50/50 if we get ui it is going to be 40/40/20 percentages is payment

Contact Us
contact me on discord GuardianRbx#1416
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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