Looking for a scripter(Closed)


Hello! I am a game developer and am making a game its a simulator called a push up simulator I have builders and modelers I am just looking for a scripter that can script the following things and other.

. A button when you click it it plays a animation

. when the animation plays it gives you like coins and exp

. shop gui where you can buy things and then they give u power

. data savings

.pets that follows you

. A door where you have to have like a certain thing to enter

. etc…


We can discuss out a price in dms like maybe weekly or something I am paying in robux.


You can contact me on discord at HS_M2#4365

Thank You for reading


i might be able to script the first 2. message me on discord @Bush_Dev#4767

edit: Bruh

I can script every one of the things you mentioned.
Contact me via discord, I have added you. My username is Baguette#7062.

i can script most of the things you mentioned!

Hit me up at Doni#0480

Edit: I can script most of the things you mentioned

Not looking to join, please give a price range so you can get more offers that match your budget.

For reference, my estimate is between 15k and 100k for all of these scripts.

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Hey! Add me on discord and we can discuss prices and I can send you my portfolio!! :smiley: UnitornsReal#9113