Looking for a scripter!(PAY)

i’ve been busy lately and i wanted a scripter to help me on a project

##Progress of our game


your pay is around 500 - 1.1k group funds(Robux) and some game revenue

Must script these tools,i scripted to where they animate but i want to make it where if animation is played then if the Net hits the piece of bread like in the gyazo below then it adds a value to the backpack capacity ui above(if you dont know what backpack capacity im talking about ill leave a screenshot down below

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Since you are paying far too little for nearly any scripter, I suggest that you add in a percentage of the game’s future revenue as well. Good luck!


Maybe for some things, but I think for just making the net add to the backpack, 500-1.1k is sufficient.

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Good point. I just assumed that the scripter would script UIs and gameplay as well. In retrospect, it’s entirely possible that he only needs help for that.

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Adding on to this, you can literally do this for free.

-- Server script inside the net mesh part
local db = false
if hit.Parent == bread and not db then -- change this to check if hit is bread
db = true
local plr = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(script.Parent.Parent)
plr.leaderstats.Stat.Value = plr.leaderstats.Stat.Value + 15 -- change to whatever
wait(1) -- change this to how often you are able to click the tool
db = false

This was written on mobile and not tested. It should work though.


ik,i wanted someone to create that,i just don have time to make it

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