Looking for a scripting and modeling partner [Closed]

What type of game?
Well, I was thinking about a Mafia Quest game, where you can take quests from a mafia moss and do them such as robbing stores, stealing, being a hitman, and other things. Then you can buy items such as bonus guns, cars, homes, items.

How can it work?
Well, I have an idea for how it could work however I am open to ideas. I was thinking there can be a mafia boss you report to, and he gives you quests, and you do them for money or items.

Who do I need?
I need 1/1 Scripter
I need 0/0 Modeler
I need no builders as I am a builder.

What is payment?
Considering this is a partnership, not a “real job” or a position in a company, payment will be split evenly via percentage.

Scripter gets 25%
Modeler gets 25%
Builder gets 25%
Ads get 25%

Requirements for scripter
Well, a scripter needs to have full knowledge of Roblox API.
Needs to be 13+ and have discord
Needs to be fully committed.
Has 1+ year of experience.
Requirements for modeler
Have full knowledge on how to use Blender
Is able to model cars, guns, and other in game items that might need to be modeled.

Why should you partner with me?
Well, I am extremely friendly and will always respond to DMs in a timely matter. I will make sure you get a percentage and I will provide proof. I’ve never seen a game like this so I feel like the game should do relatively well if given enough time, and ads.

Anyways, I hope you find interest, feel free to send me a friend request on discord: Yosh#2682

my roblox username is BananaThief28