Looking for a scripting partner and a building partner to create a Sword fights on Heights remake! {CLOSED}

About Us

I’ll help build the map, scripter codes stuff, builder/ modeller also builds map and models weapons. - The game will be a group game, my group - Adroit Studio.

About The Job

Make sure that you’re experienced and know what “Sword fights on Heights” is.
The builder should also be able to do modelling.


33% of game revenue
I’m a broke guy so no backup payment.

Contact Us

Jam#9790 - i would like to make good friends rather than just short time partners. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Can we have some more information? Backup payment, pay if game fails, what the scripter needs to do, etc. Im partly interested


I updated it, you prob won’t be interested anymore. :joy:

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