Looking for a scripting partner!

oi! im lak_ey or lakey im a builder low poly builder and im looking for a good scripter that can make games with me like simulators and you will get % of the games earning it will be our games if your down please reply and my current project is hammer legends.

What is the percentage the scripter gets? It should be 50% if your going to get 50%.

im thinking i get like 40% the scripter gets 40% and rest will go out to works and investors and ads


That sounds fair. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

you wanna work with me???
discord lak"keys#0001

Right now Iā€™m busy with m y own game. I will consider it. Have a great day!

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I would like to work with you! you can add me on dicord: Polaris#8465

I have also been looking for a builder partner
I would love to work with U man :smiley:

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