Looking for a short term builder (Furniture, etc.)

We’re looking for a short term builder who can create medium-high quality furniture and other stuff you would find in an airport. The airport that we’re building is Mykolaiv International Airport.

About The Job

We have currently built the main parts that are visible from the highest quality sources that we have. All the other parts of the airport will be a mix of building and guestimation of around where that place is, albeit the gates, toilets, etc.

We would like you to create furniture around the airport and some other things, this includes models such as:

  • Seating at the gate areas, entrance, and other areas.
  • Leather seating near the café area on the second floor and possibly other places.
  • Check-in desks
  • Vending machines
  • Televisions
  • Light switches, power outlets, cameras, and other items of that level of detail (discussed later.)

None of these items have to be functional (scripted).

The payment will be discussed in private, but we’re looking to pay no more than 500R$ in the long run but this can be negotiated, or a share of the group funds cashed out to you whenever you ask within a 24 hour period as a 1 time payment when the airline & airport launch within the coming months.

If you’re interested, please reply on the dev forums here or you can contact me via Discord. andrzejŁKS#4003

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