Looking for a team for a new MC Championship type game! (Both scripters and builders)

Hello. My name is Tim and I am creating a game based on the insanely popular streaming game, MC Championship. The game as of now is just beginning in development, with me just setting up ideas to see what I have to do.

This game will take me a very long time to do, probably at least the whole summer if I spend 2 - 5 hours a day on it every day. Which will probably not happen, but I can usually get in an average 2 hours a day.

If anyone is familiar with the game MC Championship, it is probably the most popular Minecraft competition since it has very popular YouTubers playing it, and I thought that this would translate very well to Roblox as well.

My idea so far is that it will be extremely similar, except with choices to change how much time you want to have, and just the very idea of it will be the same, with some changes since this isn’t Minecraft.

If you are interested in helping me make this, please reply. Again, I am just seeing how much you guys will want to be paid to do this since I don’t really know what my range is at.

If I were to hire you, the requirement would be that you would need to finish up certain things I ask before a certain deadline, which won’t be too harsh but harsh enough to speed things up.

I am looking for both scripters and builders since this is a huge project and I definitely can do all the building/scripting myself.

I am not a very experienced scripter, but I do know the basics and how it all works, it just sometimes takes me a bit to remember some things. As for building, I am a decent builder and I can build pretty simple things, but not things that are really difficult, and even if I could this would still take a while.

I’m just diving into this pool to see what price ranges look like. I prefer robux over real money since I am not over 18 and I do not have a credit card.

Sorry if this was really long, I’m pretty new to this forum and I’m just trying to figure some things out. Thanks!

-PS: ( If I’m doing something wrong don’t hesitate to tell me because I don’t want to be that guy on this forum that looks like an idiot)


Hello yes i am interested I do GFX,clothing design,scripting,modeling,UI Design, and much more for more info please contact me here on dev forum.

Hello, you can contact me @Maverick#2473 I am a builder btw.

I’m interested! I sent a message.

yo sir do you have discord???

im interested im builder Jailbreak#7767

This is for everyone above too, dm me at @T_imW#0858

I might be interested, my discord

I am interested in being your clothing designer, you can contact me in discord as ༒ K͙U͙R͙O͙ ༒ # 2870

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