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Looking for airline assets!

About Me

Heyo, my name is Kly and I am looking to start an airline up from scratch. In about a day or so I will be making a group and preparing assets such as staff guidelines and development requirements. I am an aviation enthusiast who is looking to become a top airline owner. I have been working as a high rank in many different groups and want to be in charge this time. I want to create a safe social environment with some of the best technology in the Aviation Industry. If you like airplanes then keep reading.

About the Job

Let me make this clear, I’m a noob to this. Well, not really. I mean I do have tons of experience but I can’t seem to find the right technology for what I’m wanting to do. That’s where you come in! I am looking for super awesome assets that are not so expensive. I just need assets like gates check in boards and systems. You will be making all of the small stuff that’s basic and necessary. I need gates that can be scanned with a ticket then opened so the passenger may enter. No animations required, except for the gate opening of course.

If you have ever been to an airport think about all of the stuff that was there. No not the planes or the airport itself, like the food you ate and the luggage and security and all the amenities. Like hydro flasks! Just basic basic stuff.


We will be needing a lot of assets. I’m willing to pay R$10-100 for each item. I will be on a budget of R$500. I need everything else for the group and required things. I am willing to do contracts and such and even earn trust! This is very important to me. It makes me have that happy feeling of knowing that you are doing something that is letting you have fun and others.

Contact Me

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:
You must be 13 years or older to apply. More information will be given once you have applied via my direct messages.

Thanks for taking interest in This! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to tell you this but Building an airline from scratch with a Budget of 500 R$ isn’t going to get you far. I suggest that you do some commissions too get a bigger fund.


Like I said, the items don’t need to be high quality or scripted. You just need to be able to hold them and see them for now. So therefore the price will stay at R$500 until my budget rises and I’m able to pay for more.


I’m gonna agree with @Jackman13799 on this one. A budget of R$500 isn’t going to necessarily get you far, especially with the prices of planes. I would suggest settling for free models from well-known groups (AviaTech comes to mind) and then try to see if anyone would be willing to help you out for less.

I’ve also sent you a DM over discord with a couple more questions, MacAndSwiss#8495.

Edit: You seem to have friend requests disabled on Discord. Send one over and we’ll go from there.

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Please read my entire post. I said clearly that I’m not looking for planes, I’m looking for small items such as foods and props that you can hold and use.


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