Looking for an advanced icon creator!

Hi! We (Coco Bean Café) are looking for someone to redesign our outdated game icons.

We are looking for 4 icons:

  • Café
  • Interview centre
  • Application centre
  • Event centre

What we are looking for :eyes:

We are wanting some quality icons that will attract as many people as possible. We are wanting our logos to have this type of style:
They need to look inviting and fun, and if possible, involve a 3d rendered character.

Payment :money_mouth_face:

We will be willing to pay up to 400 robux for the icons through group funds, if they are what we are looking for!

Contact me if you are interested, and for more details.


Hello! I am Interested in this! I make icons and I am a really good UI / GFX designer.

My discord is BloxsDevs#8239 I am looking forward to work with you :smile:
I sent you a request in discord

Heyy, sent friend request on discord!

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