Looking for an designer! To do some designs, On my game!

Hello, All! I am Power, And I am looking for a designer! to design my restaurants, training center! So if any designer wants to help on this project only 1 designer that I am looking for! To do this project, here is the details about it!

Project details

Probably, I am fine with any style! There would like to recommend me on! Possibly.


And I might offer a price! I would like to recommend on paying them! Once there do it, but sometimes I got really good at pricing, and I would recommend paying them on donation! But we can have a chat about it! And see what we can do

And, some of you can let me know! If this topic, was in the wrong section! If so I’ll change it to the section, that this is suppose to be in!


I am available like all the time! And it might take me a few hours, to reply but I’ll try to reach out when I can!


You can contact me on the via discord: joshgamer11009 tag: 7318 and I would recommend friending me! On discord! Bc, the devfourm comments, got locked! Somehow I am so sorry! For any inconvenience! But you can contact me on discord! If you are interested in doing that for me! :slight_smile:

Thanks, for reading :wink:

I think you might have put this in the wrong section on accident this would go in recruiting.

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Oh, okay! Ty for letting me know! I’ll go change it to that section now! And thanks, for letting me know on that.

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