Looking for an experienced 3D modeler to create a low-poly, 90s-style shotgun model

Hello, everyone!

I’m currently developing an arena shooter, which takes heavy inspiration from shooters of the 90s, and as such, all models and assets need to fit in with said theme. I currently have a shotgun model, that somewhat fits in with the theme, only problem is it is way too detailed for the theme of the game.

I’m looking for a remake, possibly of the shotgun model, or an entirely new one. The style I’m going for is a early 2000s, late 90s aesthetic.

Your job:

  • Create a low-poly pump-action-shotgun model, preferable one that is scifi in nature. The grip and the shotgun need to be separate from each other.
  • Create textures that would fit in with the aesthetic of Quake 3: Arena or Unreal Tournament 99 or 2004.

Examples of the kind of style I'm going for with the weapons


Current shotgun model, rocket launcher model, and general theme displayed in these screenshots

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee pay for said model, since I am currently very low on funds. However, I am happy with giving you an attribution, and will pay you later on if you so desire. :slight_smile:

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