Looking for an EXPERIENCED GFX designer to help me make a new logo [up to 5k robux]

Hi there!

I am currently looking for an EXPERIENCED gfx designer to help me make a logo for my game. I already have the icon, so I just need the gfx and the background. Here are some requirements for the project:

Must have at least 2 years in blender (or some other platform) and gfx design

Must have past work to show. Preferably a portfolio, but just past work is fine. You must have at least 3 positive reviews for each, and no history of negative activity.

Do not message me saying “Oh do you still need a gfx” or something like that. I will close this post once I do not need on anymore, anyone who does that will be ignored.

I am pretty flexible with times, I can probably give a week at most. The quicker you do it the more you will be paid. Keep in mind that speed should NOT compensate for quality.

I will provide more details if you have been hired.

Payment: Up to 5k when the logo is done. I can give proof of funds. The final cost depends on:

How close it is to what i asked for
Ability to adapt to suggestions and critisism.

You have two options to be payed:

Option 1: Gamepass or tshirt
This option is nice because you can get payment right upfront. However, tax will not be included, and you will only receive the agreed amount before tax.

Option 2: Group funds
This option will allow you to recieve the FULL AGREED PAYMENT. The downside to this is that you have to wait 2 weeks. If you are comfortable with giving me the logo BEFORE payment, this is the option for you. I will guarantee payment, if you want to sign a contract or whatever I am ok with this.

Please note that if your work does not go to the standard you have showed in your past work, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID.

Contact: Just shoot me a message on DMs :slight_smile: If you are hired we will move onto discord :slight_smile:

Anyways, I hope you consider this job opportunity, and I look forward to working with you! :slight_smile:


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