Looking for an experienced OSS Lua dev [looking again]


Hi! I’m a solo developer who is currently doing everything for an admin panel project I’ve been working on for a long time. Soloing the project is too much for me and it’ll be a long time before I have anything public if I keep doing my by myself. Because of this, I am hiring another Luau dev. All code you write will be open-source. If you are not comfortable with this, this job is not for you. I am not opting into sharing with AI.

Progress as it stands

Right now I have the following done:

  • Admins (sorta)
  • Plugins (almost)
  • The actual panel
  • A lot of the backend (needs to be redone at some point)
  • All of the UI that will be needed for launch (besides one subpage)
  • Animations

Some stuff is broken due to UI changes but they will be simple changes.

Your responsibilities

You will be working with me for the most part. I will be programming and doing UI/UX work. You will be doing the following:

  • programming new functions
  • adding new plugins
  • bug fixing
  • light QA testing
  • keeping up with the Trello board with tasks

You should be very familiar with Lua and how to use it. I’d say 2-3 years of experience should be your minimum. I use Git for versioning meaning you will have to use Rojo.


I will be paying in Robux, no USD. We can talk privately, but because this is a free project, I do not expect to generate a lot of money off of this (I will be selling themes to generate money). For release we can talk about a solid amount in private. I can do downpayments if required. On top of the initial payment, I’m willing to offer up to 40% of donations and theme sales. I take more because I will be covering costs like the domain and plugin server costs.


Please reach out to me on Discord: @darkpixlz

You must be older than 16 in order to apply. Even if you dont meet a requirement or two or are unhappy with the payment I put here, please feel free to ask about it! Thank you for reading!

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