Looking For An Investor For Our Game RoCamping


About Us & Our Game We Want Invested

Hi there! We are Nameless Game Studio, A fairly new studio whose goal is the make new games that players will enjoy. RoCamping is a relaxing survival game where the end goal is to make the best camp ever. The mechanics of the game we have so far is the camp placement system, eating, health & stamina, chopping down trees, gathering resources and crafting. The mechanics we are still needing to add are mining, a crafting book, wolves, fishing and farming. When the player does the tutorial they only get to learn the basic mechanics, this is intentional as we don’t want the player to know everything after the tutorial. As a result of the player only learning the basic mechanics, they will look for stuff to do and discover new things all the time hopefully engaging them more!


placing down your shelter, the centerpiece of any camp

placing down an object

this is the gui that appears when you right click an item in your inventory Gui

what looting a sheep looks like after you have hunted it

chopping down a tree

The Team
@NamelessGuy2005 - Scripter & UI Designer
@flaroh - Builder

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4922741943

We are looking for an investor who sees potential on our game (rocamping) and would like to support us through our journey.

The Deal We Want To Make

No game can go anywhere without ads so we are looking for a 10k R$ investment for 10% in any money our game makes, but if you want to make a counter-offer that’s fine as well. The game is currently monetised as it features various non-paid-to-win game passes and developer products. If you are interested about investing then please contact @NamelessGuy2005 or if you just want to leave feedback then you can reply to this post.


Looking for investors in the developer forum is against the rules. I suggest going to Hidden Developers or somewhere similar to look for one.


sorry i didn’t know - TheDevKing said that it is a way to get investors


No game can go anywhere without ads

This statement is false and I’m surprised to actually see someone say this. 100s of Front-Page games didn’t run ads and are on the front page today. If I’m correct Jailbreak and Bloxburg didn’t run ads and I guarantee you enjoy playing one of them every day.