Looking for animators for r15 (CLOSED)

Looking for r15 action animators

About Me

I’m creating a “My Hero Academia” game. We need animators for a couple of things. This is not a long-term job offer just need some animations done!

About The Job

We need a few things done for animation. I’ll list them here:

  • Running
  • 5 Punch combos (Like 1 animation would be 1 punch, then the next would be the 2nd. Goes up to 5, so 5 total small animations)
  • 5 Kick combos (Same thing above)

I cannot stress this enough. I do not want r6. Stop sending me r6 work. Same way with custom rigs.


I can mostly pay paypal. I do not have enough group funds to cover all of this.

Contact Us

Send me a friend request on discord.

  • Kerv#2331

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