Looking for Animators/ Scripters/ Good builders

Hello from Blue!

I have been working on a game called Project: HyperDrive, but because of my limited abilities it has been hard to make significant progress on the game.

Game summary:
The game is basically a roleplay/survival type game. It is your objective to survive at night or cause chaos as a mutant. During the day you can create plans for night or roleplay with your friends. This is all taking place in one building.

What I need from you:
I need a builder for the main building and other places in the game. The scripter might have a harder time with the game due too the complex mechanics such as a working hunger, health, and stamina system, A gardening system, group related things, and the mechanics for the mutants. The animator will be used for player emotes and mutant and player animations.

What I pay:
I will pay the builder 250-1000 robux (depending on how well you do)
I will pay the Scripter 300-1500 robux (depending on how well you do)
I will pay the animator 200-500 robux
If you are willing to work for free while also doing a good job that would be amazing and very much appreciated!

I need the group to be cooperative and to accept all ideas equally as long as it has to do with the game.
You can contact me on my discord at BlueAqua#8162
or on the devforum
I might not see the messages until tomorrow
You need to have some experience with complex games, Free time to work, and you must have discord.

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