Looking for Artist/Gui designer/Scripter (all in one)

Heyo! Here are Glided Games, we are working to make wonderful games! we already have a group with 170 members and a game with nearly 5,000 visits (gains 200 or so a day). I am looking for an extremely active scripter, gui artist, and thumbnail artist. I need you to be online at all times. In the same timezone as me or close to it, only within an hour difference, I am CDT (Texas time). If I need help with something I need you to be online to answer me within 5 minutes every time, (It wont be at midnight as I go to bed at around 10 pm to keep my sleep schedule on track for school) We will be communicating through discord. I need this to be your ONLY project so you can be extremely focused on the Studio. Logo making won’t be the majority of what it is, moreso scripting and gui making. We currently have a tier obby, which needs logos, and a few bug fixes, and new guis. We are nearly done with the tier obby, as I have hired someone to do the FINAL 2 tiers, it will be done within a week with the building. The guis and logos will need to be out the same time as the tiers, the grand 5,000 visits update, which will be closer to 6k. The next game we are looking to produce is a speedrun, it will be like speedrun 4 the classic game, but revamped, there will be portals, trails, powerups, effects, and angels, which are currency (the group is glided games and our moto is “Soar High”) Please let me know if you are interested in this, I would like to continue development ASAP, as I am looking to revamp the studio with very active developers that are dedicated to the project!

(You will get perks, such as admin, which you will not abuse, ranks in the group, and also a mod in the discord server!)

I am about to go to church, in around 20 minutes, I will be back in an hour and a half. reply to this or go into my dms. I will get back to you as quick as I can! (still open to talk for the 20 minutes)

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