Looking for Builder to work with

About The Job

I’m looking for someone who can build a large map and be able to add on it. Not too detailed of a map but enough that it won’t hit the performance for players. It’s a city of some sort.

If you can make a map the size of the baseplate I’ll pay you a total of 5,000 R$. It won’t be done right away it’ll be done for every 25% of the map you do so 25% of map done is equal to 25% of 5,000 R$.
In addition, if I really like what you did then I’ll ask you to continue working with me for a 20% commission off my game if the profit made is over 50k - 100k.

I can do 600 R$ per house, but i’d need to see a showcase in order to accept it. A house like this…
Heres a house I made

Heres the house that’s based off of.


5,000 R$

  • 25% is sent for every 25% of work done.

Contact Us

Twitter: @Varsitelle.
Discord: Varsitelle#7307
Or msg me on devforum.

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