Looking For Builder!

About Us

Welcome! I’m nash, you might know me from might old recruitment posts but if you don’t that’s okay! I’m currently the Co-Owner of a group named “Imperium Studios”, It’s a development group/team to make games for people to enjoy. You can check out our Discord server to learn more!

The Game

The game we’re currently working on right now is a Space RPG, But, it’s loosely based of the game Star Citizen. Basically, You play as a Person who lives in the Eco system of the galaxy and you live out your life. There are choices you can make, You can commit crimes, Run illegal bloxy Pepsi through the universe, Or you can be a bounty hunter and hunt down targets They could be humans Or you can deliver services At a cost. For more info DM me.

The Team:

@LouisMontagu - UI Designer, Project Director, Game Designer
@nash23122 - 3D Modeler, Project Manager
@LordBasw - Sound Designer
@Spaceman21074 - Main Scripter, Head Dev
@Storeguy - Secondary Scripter
@johnlaurence0523 - Animator
@couldbeyou - Builder

Requirements for Builder:

  • 13+
  • High Quality Builds
  • Optimized


The Builder will be paid with 20% of game revenue, we’re saving up for ads so we can’t pay with robux.


You can DM me on Discord zane_#0001

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I’m not a builder, but I don’t think 20% would be enough. Remember, they are building the entire game.

There are 6 team members, 20% would be more than enough.


Ah, if there’s 6 that’s fine. If there was only 1 it would be different. Thanks for clarifying :smile:

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Can you send some screenshots of what kind of building you want?


(30 characterssssssssssss)

Obviously doesn’t have to be this detailed but this is what I’m sort of looking for.

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OK! Is there a roblox group we have to join?

Nope, not really. If you’re looking to apply for the position just shoot me a DM and I’ll make sure to reply. :smiley:

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