Looking for Building Suggestions

Hello! I hope your having a good day so far! My name is D3V_Pop, I’m asking for you guys to rate my first build! Any suggestions of how to improve my building skills?
RobloxScreenShot20200712_194048971|690x407 !


Could you please upload your images to the thread directly you can do this by hovering to the upper left and click “choose file”. Instead of making it a download link?

The interior of the building looks quite dull and unappealing place a few ceiling lighting and furniture around the area to intense the feel of the building (dealerships) don’t just feature windows try to implement materials decrease the amount of windows. As if you look at a few images of dealerships you’ll see it holds a lot of details inside.

The decoration would be posters on the walls may be some waiting chairs or a little coffee table featuring known things “car magazines or business ones” or consider throwing some potted plants on either side of the front entrance to have a more welcoming feel place cars around the exterior to have that resemblance of a dealership.

You need to add more depth into your building expand it more dealerships aren’t a place you walk into an just see a small area it kind of looks like a dealership office room? Looking at reference images to see what materials, items, color scheme - pallet is a good way to improve your skills try to recreate that image you’ve chosen.

(Image of a car dealership materials, colors, and variety of shapes - interior design)

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I think it looks decent, especially serves its purpose well in core gameplays- if it sell cars. I could’ve been improved significantly, however, but that would also mean it well decrease the game’s general performance (aka detailed stuff generates lag)

When I got time to build things I would go for a “medium” detail level and try to base designs off good example of real life counterparts, then improve / modify designs that suits my own needs, themes and also made sense.

I would suggest these:

  1. You need interior lights. the inside looks dark, it’s be a lot worse at night. A mixture of neon materials around the car showpads, sides of some objects and light panels on the top of the roof should fix it up easily. Also don’t forget to add light beams and SurfaceLight on certain objects.

  2. the Colour choice is very dull. try have a more white-based walls for the dealership, then add in unique colour such as blue, red or anything else (pink is probably not a good idea) For the flooring on the interior I cannot tell if you are using custom wood textures or default studio ones. I suggest you to use some customs and make the floor’s wood colour lighter. by changing the major colours from dull, deep colours to vibrant light colours, the addition of lights will make it far more lively.

  3. The interior space is not used up that well. You indeed should have the main desk in the front but it looks too small, and probably cannot serve multiple people at a time. should there be at least 2 or more desks with the appropriate equipment and details, such as computers, file boxes, etc. There should also be a seating area with tables and a coffee machine, small refrigerators or serves other simple treats and drinks. It usually is the place customers would want to take a rest there, talk with the salesmen, wait for something to done or just look at the magazines, etc.

  4. Add more plants around the build? have some around the car showpads, and some smaller ones or cactuses on tables / desks.

  5. I believe the sphere like areas around the interior of the dealership is meant to be car showpads? a little bit dull. Add spotlights around it, add signs that displays vehicle information.

  6. The picture of the red car thing in the back of the build looks stretched and out of place. take your time to use specific search terms on the image catalog, find better ones or upload more yourself, then put them into the game.

Overall I think this is a solid good building, it’s simple but it does its job, improvement wise there’s so much that could be done. I suggest you to look into real-life dealerships and find some inspiration, it really helps.


Looks pretty decent. I would suggest a couple of things.

For the outside:-

  1. You need to add some textures and some pretty good details of the colour of the walls. Because, it looks pretty normal and dull with that grey colour for the build.

  2. The billboard. With that plain black colour, its not gonna attract anyone. You need to fix that, but at least the font of it is pretty decent.

For the inside:-

  1. You mainly have to improve the inside of the building. The floor, the inner walls, for e.g, looks pretty original, I recommend you to make it look realistic for better scenery.

  2. You also have to add lightning for the inside of the building, because its going to look pretty dark when its night time. You gotta fix that.

But overall, good attempt👍

Also great builds! :grinning: :grinning:

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Thanks! I see you got on the forum! Great job for that!

Hello there, Car dealerships usually have blocks that are separated like @jordonh23 the building should be more shiny like it should look like. Also, I suggest using a actual screenshot by typing in windows “Sniping Tool” Instead of using a roblox screenshot that we have too download.

Thanks for the feedback! Will use it in the future!

I would recommend adding some plants and some decoration inside of the desk the rest looks great and I think you are doing a great job!!!

Will do! Thanks for the tip! Just tiny details can make it look perfect!