Looking for Car Mesh Designer!

Hiring A Car Mesh Designer!

Hello, I’m looking for someone with the skills and abilities to create a Car, Plane, and/or Boat mesh. I currently only want a car mesh but I would want to order different meshes depending on the updates needed for my game and how the first mesh turns out. This should be a short-term job but like I said I may want to purchase more in the future.

Our Team:

To contact us on updates…
@TyPlays_YT - Founder, Programmer, UI Designer, Terrain and Map Designer, and Composer
@BlackFerocious - Model Maker
@You - Short-Term Mesh Designer for Vehicles!


We are looking to pay a reasonable amount of :robux: per mesh as they aren’t scripted and we are trying to save for advertisements…

I can also do service for service and script something or make UI in return for the mesh…

First Vechicle(s)

We want to purchase a Pickup Truck and a Jeep for our release of the game…

Contact Us...

If you would like to help us and make our game have cool cars then contact me!:

Discord - TyPlays_YT#1726


hello I’m interested contact me on discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Ok I will now. Thanks for replying

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