Looking for Developers! {All Types}

[OPEN]Game of Thrones: Death Before Dishonor]

About Us

Hi there, a friend is making a new GOT game permanent death genre with lore and is spending 250k robux on this project.

About The Job

Scripters, Builders, Animators, Modelers, VFX, GFX Developers are needed!!!

What type of payment do we offer?

Well we can either do Paypal or Group Funds, Payment arranges from 250 Usd to 100k robux Depending on what you do.



Scripters will make a salary of: 15-50k Robux in total
Builders will make a salary of :10-15k Robux in total
Animators will make a salary of: 1-6k Robux in total
Modelers will make a salary of: 10-14k Robux in total
1 GFX Designer: 5k thumbnail and logo
1 VFX: 8k in total

Contact Us

You must be 13+ to apply with atleast 1 year of experience in your department.
DM Golden1480#4128 or Woyu#5829

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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