Looking for developers for a new VIBE GAME!

About the job.

I’m looking for builders with a little bit of experience to build a house with furniture etc. If you want you are interested please let me know your Discord username in the replies.


I do not like people that do this for the money, No offense. I’m paying in % ONLY!

Depending on how many builders there will be a cut of 35% for 1 person, 2 = 15%, 3 = 10% each.


Contact me on the devforums with your Discord username.
My Discord username is: Splatty_YT#2839

Thx for reading :slight_smile:

I do not like people that do this for the money

This is what he’s responding to

Well what I mean is, If your doing this for the money and not for the enjoyment then i don’t see the point.

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Well both is fine but some developers really need the money even if they don’t enjoy making the game they still need the money to pay for the things they need. Sure i can understand you may not like that but remember we don’t all know what others go through in life.

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Because development on ROBLOX can be classified as a real job. (For some Devs at least)
Kind of like going to the office. You aren’t going for enjoyment, you’re going because you need to put food on the table.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with having a job on ROBLOX for pay. You don’t need to dislike them just because they ask for money with their job that takes days, even months.

All of that aside, though, best of luck! I hope to see this as a big game someday! :slight_smile:

What if the game fails? Won’t the Devs be paid?

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