Looking for Developers who I can "pay" using Percentages. (Survival/Mad Max/Destiny type genre)

Hello everyone, I am looking for some help to create a new game, my goal is to create a fun game and environment and just have fun making the game. I would love some help from some developers, but I don’t have thousands of dollars available.

KEEP IN MIND: All ideas are subject to change and can change at any time.

Info about me: I am 16 years old (April 16, 2004). I have a passion for designing and thinking of interesting game ideas, I love working with a team and having fun doing what I love. I am always excited to meet new and interesting people who can bring the same passion that I have into game development.

Game Idea: The game I have planned is an Open world Survival game, that includes fun combat against AI and other players, crafting, recycling guns/equipment for Scrap(Currency) and buying guns/equipment from venders. Multiple Quests to do while shooting other players and crafting vehicles with parts you find around the map that you can also buy from venders. Having some short of character creation and safe zone where you can chat with others (maybe make clans) as a sort of Central Plaza in the map.

Gun System/idea: For the guns There will be tiers of guns Green (basic tier), Blue (Rare tier), Purple (Epic), and Gold (Legendary) Keep in mind that idea may be changed for a more original idea but it would be some kind of tier system.

Scrap(Currency)Idea: I wanted to use “Scrap” as a currency like used in Mad Max, I thought it was a cool and interesting idea instead of basic currency like coins or “money”. “Scrap” can be used to buy new guns, Equipment, and vehicle parts.

Ability upgrades: You earn ability “points” by defeating enemies, completing missions etc. You can use these “points” to upgrade your abilities at a Central Plaza Area.

Central Plaza idea: There is a “central plaza” where you first spawn in, where you can buy different cloths/gear and get your basic guns and starting missions for your game, this is going to be a safe area where everyone can talk/walk around without any killing. (Missions will make you have to leave that area so you cannot progress in the game by just sitting in the safe zone the whole time). (You can come in and out of the “central plaza”). In the “Central Plaza” you’ll be able to trade.

Trading Idea: In the Central Plaza there will be a “Trading Shack” where you can trade in guns for other guns that have close statistics from one another, this will be from an AI. You can also trade with other players in the game by going to a “Trading Shack”.


Builder X2: You must be able to build realistic structures and buildings: reference the Mad Max type theme.

Modeler X2: You need to be able to model any models from Scrap metal to vehicles, to guns/equipment.
(Looking for a gun Modeler)

Scripter/programmerX2?: Must be able to program/script the game fully, with a gun system, storage system, trading system, ability upgrade system, selling/recycling system etc. You must be able to enhance the games performance and reduce the lag and “bugs’ that may occur.

Ui/Menu designer: You must be able to create a main menu and UI’s needed from the trading system to the storage system. (May need to be pretty detailed)

Animator X2: You must animate the guns and movement for our game, must have basic knowledge of animation.

Visual Effects: Includes all the lighting, particles, and effects we may use in game.

PAYMENT: As I’ve said I don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, but I can offer Percentages to all the developers who help, we can discuss this further in DMs. Do not ask to join the development team if you only take money/robux as payment. I am paying in PERCENTAGES/REVENUE.

CONTACT INFO: You can contact me using discord my user is Wizard#4401.

Thanks for your time.


I may be able to give some robux if the game flops/or is discontinued, game development is a risk, I hope you will take a risk and help me out, I’ve worked a lot on the game idea and I want to see it in it’s full form. Thanks for your time.

I may not be the best builder in the world but I’d help for free. Sounds like a genuinely fun project.

Alright, feel free to friend my discord use and we can talk from there.

Sent on Discord, my user is “Greek”.

Still looking for other developers to fill our spots, I may be able to give you a decent amount of Robux if the game Flops/or is discontinued. Looking for a Graphic Designer who can make the game look nice.

I always wanted to make a good PVE survival game ;D!

my user is Soke#6294
on discord btw and Im a builder

YellowSmileKing#2151 ,animator , more in discord

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