Looking for developers!

Recruitment :roblox_light:

About Us :tongue:

Hi i am making this topic to find 2 developers (more about that in “About The Job”)
together we are building a game a bit like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Tabs)
we don’t have a name yet but for now we call it “Tarbs”.

Game So Far :grinning:

ai Progress Video(Twitter Link)



(This was not everything we have a couple more maps)

The Team :man_technologist:
@monky6021 - Builer/Modeler
@Noobruhdude - Scripter
OPEN - GUI Design/GUI Animation
OPEN - Particle Designer

About The Job :roblox:

We are looking for a GUI Designer/GUI Animator and we are looking for a Particle Designer
the Gui Designer/ Gui Animator needs to be able to Design the gui’s and he/she needs to be able to animate the gui’s
The Particle Designer needs to be able to design the particles.
We don’t want to rush anything we have no deadline at the moment.

Payment :moneybag:

We will pay in Percentage how much is Nagotionable.

This post will be invalid at Dec 10th!
So be quick!!

Contact Us :envelope_with_arrow:

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/monkey6021
Or at Discord at miguel6021#9775

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
Have a great day!


I am interested In the UI Position! Added you on discord!


Let me no if ya need another builder, but I’m currently doing usd atm.

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I’m pretty interested as a builder. If you need one, make sure to let me know!


Would love to do your GUI Animation, I am very keen to detail and skilled in bringing the vibe with the UI. (Added on discord!)

Discord: :doughnut:


would love to be apart of the modelers hit reply if you need one or want one :slight_smile:

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