Looking for Devs for VR Game

Hi there!

I’m looking for scripters with VR systems (controllers required) and builders (VR systems not required) to make a VR game! I haven’t decided on any set topic, but if you’re interested in collaborating or even have any ideas to throw in, PM me here and we can get a discord group setup.

Looking forward to work with people interested!


Although this would be cool, surely this would be very unprofitable since there are only a handful of people with the right VR equipment on Roblox?

Wrong section

And why didn’t you ask me lol, it’s in my name


I don’t mean to profit off of it, just want to make a POC/cool game for the people that do have it.


“VR_Service, at your service”


I’m down for this. I’m a bit rusty since I haven’t been around in basically two years, but I do own a Vive, and I definitely have the ability to script.

also more about me. hi.

:wave: Hi, I’m Everesty. Some older members probably remember me as 18cwatford, or simply 18cwat (or even more simply: cwat). I’ve been around on roblox since 2009 and up through 2015 my only purpose was scripting knowledge. After 2015, I diverged into other technologies (C#/.NET, more javascript & node & web development than is healthy). I have a lot of technical knowledge, though some briefing into 2-year-old-“new” (to me) features might be warranted.

I’m definitely up for the idea of just making a cool game, especially a VR one. I’m in the dust for ideas, and I’m even further in the dust with my lack of building ability :sweat_smile:. So this project speaks to me quite a bit. Plus it’s an opportunity to get back into this community, and I guess I can’t decline that.

I will say I might have an odd schedule coming up with school starting near the end of August, but I’m still down either way.

ok thank you :wave:

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