Looking for devs to assist in developing a game!

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Hey there! I am currently looking to open a Roblox-based development branch onto my development Discord server, Techna, and am seeking out a team of the following to assist in it’s development.

Game Idea:

The idea of the game I have in mind is essentially a story-based, steampunk-themed game with focus specifically on the user experience. Players would start in one area, and be able to “unlock” areas of the game as they progress through the storyline, there may be room for multiplayer interaction within the game, which would obviously be optional due to the lack of guarantee that multiple people will be in the same spot at once. For the most part I’d like whoever is hired as a developer to have input into the game so I don’t have it entirely thought out as of currently, though the general idea is as stated.


I am hiring for the following positions to work on the game -

  • I am looking to hire 1-2 scripters to assist in programming the various features of the game. I am looking specifically for developers with experience in their pocket.
  • I am looking to hire 1-3 builders and modelers to develop the physical details of the game itself, once again experience is necessary
UI Designers/GFX Artists
  • Lastly, I am looking to hire 1-2 artists who, preferably, have experience in both UI and GFX to develop the public view on the game as we progress through it’s development, experience required


  • Must be able to present a portfolio of some sort/proof of history in the development field you are applying for
  • Must have Discord, for communication purposes
  • Must be willing to communicate daily or bi-daily with progress notes
  • Do not expect to get paid if you are just pretending to work


Scripters: 500 upfront, 60% distributed among all scripters for the game while working on the game
Builders: 300 upfront, 20% distributed among all builders for the game while working on the game
UI/GFX Artists: 100 upfront, 10% distributed among all artists for the game while working on the game
All Positions: Small extra amount of robux upon completion of each game asset

Available Payment Methods
  • Robux (group payout, I will cover the tax)
  • Roblox gift card (I will purchase and send you the code)
  • PayPal (will transfer to you the amount, robux to USD, and let PayPal handle conversion if necessary)


  • Friend me on Discord @ 𝑨𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒍.#1000 for more info, please have a portfolio ready!

Edit: Backup payment in the case of the game failing will be provided

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