Looking for eligible developers/streamers/community management/graphic artists

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What would PHP be used for? I know it just wondering what you need specifically for it.

No application form? Straight up email if so that’s fine

Hi, if you click the ‘Lets Get Started’ button in the ‘think you can help’ box at the bottom, that will send an email, the ‘think you can help’ box walks you through the process. We need PHP people to help further advance the website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How much do you plan on paying the PHP guys? I might be somewhat interested.

Either minify your CSS files or use a better syntax. Preferably both. The indentation is fine, but using weird opening and closing braces like you are is weird.

Also, make sure your English is accurate before using it. Asking others to read a passage helps too: if they can’t understand it just by skim-reading, chances are you’re not being concise enough.
I found a few errors:

I also missed out on “HTML” and “HTML5”. There’s no need to list the same thing twice. Just list HTML5, as that’s the latest version of HTML and it is more recommended.

Overall, I’d ensure that somebody proofreads each section which is planned for the website, to ensure that you appear professional.
And in my opinion, you should keep the number of exclamation marks at a minimum. While it can be good for titles (like your “We make games!”), if it is used regularly in text it essentially ‘nullifies’ the message in your text and makes you look less professional.
I personally feel if you have more than three exclamation marks in a paragraph, you’re doing it wrong.

Good luck in the future with your development group.

[Post has been redacted]

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