Looking For EXPERIENCED Scripters! [OPEN]

:slight_smile: Hello my name is DYS_0N , I need a scripter! For my zombie FPS game. I am a fellow Epic Mini games map maker, and I Am a RDC 2020 Invitee! I love working with other people, And I love doing realistic builds!

If you need to contact me:

Discord- DYS_0N#1735

Roblox Profile- DYS_0N

PAYMENT- I will give the scripter 50% Of all game earnings, Depending on how well they do! Or we can Discuss something out.

Must Be active atleast 2-3 hours a day!

Must Have 1-2 years of experience, Or (we can work something out!)

Must Be 13 years or older!

Again, Contact me My discord is DYS_0N#1735

I look forward to working with you, And goodluck! :slight_smile:

Discord: DYS_0N#1735
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Please reply, or contact my discord if interested! DYS_0N#1735

Do you guys pay in USD?
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Hello! I would like to be the Scripter here please, I have a portfolio!

My discord username and tag is: FriendlyBuilder24#2033

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