Looking for Experienced Scripters!

Hey! I’m FreakingHulk, the owner of and Head Developer at Gamebotics Studio! We’re currently working on a capture the flag style game with player versus player aspects. Our team currently consists of:

@FreakingHulk - Head Developer & Head Scripter
@dragonball4life123 - Builder
@Mr_Jakeopod - Builder
@watery_island - Builder
@meteor0id - Builder
@YeezyCoaster - Scripter

We currently need only 1 more scripter.

I currently pay by the job; however, I only have up to 3200 robux to spread out between scripters. When I can get more robux depends on when I get my next paycheck.

If you’re in need of a job and want to make some money, hit me up on the Developer Forum or on Discord (contact links below).

Contact us: Our Discord Server
Contact FHGDev: FHGDev#4863


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What is the style of the game? low poly? realistic?

The style of the game is realistic.

Hello is the position of the builder still open I would like to work with you.

Sorry, I already have 3 builders, but thanks.

I still need scripters though.

You still looking for a scripter? I’m pretty good at scripting, and I’ve had experience in the Capture The Flag style games.

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