Looking For Feedback / Advice on Building Party Game

I’m looking for feedback on my most recent game, “Build And Guess”. I made this in a week since I thought it was about time to work on my own solo project. Despite being almost done, I’m not really feeling too confident in my game. I’m worried that it’ll flop and I’ll lose more than I gained from it.

How Do You Play?
Build And Guess is similar to games like Pictionary or Scribbl.io. A builder is selected and must build the given prompt and everyone else must guess correctly.

How can I improve this game? Is it ready for release, can it be successful? Please tell me your thoughts below.


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right at my back there is paywin
remove that (those notUseFull :robux: things)
with less than 2 players it will most likely be a flop
edit= i played the game
if you collect enough players it can be fun
also i want a free editor in a sepret game
to play around build with no timer no player requirement for screenshots
a place for the screenshot can be fun for what people can make
(message me to play the game) (game needs 2 players)


Just tested the gameplay. Overeally, the game is pretty fun. Everything works just fine. There isn’t really much to talk about. The only thing I would change is the map. It feels really empty and there’s only 3 assets visible actually. The trees, grass and the mountains. If you added something more, the game would be pretty much perfect.


Those aren’t pay to win. The trails are purely cosmetic.

Noted, I’ll add more detail to the map. Thank you for the feedback!