Looking for feedback on game icon

Just looking for some feedback on this thumbnail for my game. It’s not very good since its my first one. (im also not very good at this lol)


Wrong Category, post on gfx feedback

ok thanks ive never used dev forum before so I didn’t know

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For your first it works.
At first glance, I can’t tell what I’m getting into, which might make some players will keep scrolling past it. You can maybe model your own image in studio instead of the actual game, which allows for some cool effects and better positions. Keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback I will definitely try that!

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I like the idea, but I think a side view present it better. maybe 3 different dimensions with the player walking thru em each differing in color, maybe some unique effects at each portal.

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For icons and such for 3D you use a 3D rendering program like blender as it provides quality. Roblox studio isn’t for rendering out characters for art. Another method people use is drawing characters. So you would need to learn one of those as studio images are overall low quality and not customizable.

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